Aaina is a non-profit organisation based in Odisha, India. The organisation was conceived as an effort of a few socially sensitive people who came from different backgrounds, charged with the vision of working with the vulnerable sections of the society and addressing issues giving rise to such vulnerabilities. In this context, persons with disabilities, children and women became the core focus areas of the organisation.
Chocolate making unit by people with disability

Aaina is working for the development and inclusion of people with disabilities and is running a State Learning Center to equip children and people with disabilities with activities of daily living and skills necessary for their personal development and independence. The idea is to establish a small scale chocolate making unit which will be operated by people with disabilities. For now, Aaina has chocolate maker staffs willing to train the people with disability, but lacks stock of raw materials and equipments to make and store the chocolate. The materials required to establish the unit will include all the ingredients necessary to make the chocolate, chocolate making moulds, heating utensils, stove, small refrigerator, and advertising materials. Once fabricated, the chocolates will be sold and the money from the sales will be reinvested in the maintenance and expansion of the chocolate unit.

Infographic design

Crisp, attractive infographics on menstrual hygiene and sexual harrassment at work place for corporate partners.

Marketing & Communication

6 hours over 4 weeks

Social media plan

A social media plan that enables multi-channel commnications and outreach.

Marketing & Communication

6 hours

They joined the movement

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Plot-70/3530 (Ground floor), Behind Hotel Mayfair, Bhubaneswar, Odisha, India.


Description of the project

Aaina was founded in 1998. With a backdrop of more than 15 successful years of operation, Aaina is today recognized as one of the front ranking NGOs of Odisha working in the field of disability and inclusion. Though Aaina provides necessary services and aids to people with disability the broader focus is inclusion of people with disability in every aspect of development and facilitating their role as valuable contributors. Adopting the inclusive approach, today the organisation has a deep rooted understanding and experience in Community Based Rehabilitation, with special focus on women empowerment, child rights, and promoting and strengthening People's Organisations. 


Aaina envisages an inclusive society where each person has an identity, independence and exercises his/her rights with dignity and equality especially persons with disability, women, children, elderly, ultra poor and other socially excluded groups.


Aaina recognizes the human rights of persons with disability and elderly persons and commits to their realization through appropriate participatory program interventions leading to an inclusive society. It further strives to establish a center of excellence on research, training and documentation.

Aaina recognizes the rights of children and commits to facilitate their realization through appropriate participatory program interventions, leading to a non-discriminatory society.

Aaina commits to promote gender equality and justice and empowerment of women in all spheres of life by facilitating appropriate mechanisms to ensure their rights, identity, dignity and independence.

Aaina believes in being a dynamic, scientific, learning organization by appropriately informed through research and development and networking to actively influence policy through strategic advocacy mechanism that incorporates people centered advocacy. 
Aaina commits to respond to the disaster situations upholding the perspective of human rights.


Aaina not only dreams of achieving a barrier free community for women, children & people with disability, but also of a dignified, self-sufficient and respectable life for the disadvantaged, irrespective of their laggings. We dream of a society which is free from stigma for women, children and persons with disability; where people realize the potential of each individual and take an inclusive approach towards development. We dream of a world which is barrier free, compassionate and understanding towards the most vulnerable and neglected mass on earth. We dream of a future that is safe and inclusive; and a present that is full of opportunities and scope for participation in every sphere of their life.



chocolates during Diwali

Diwali or Deepavali, the annual Hindu festival of lights, is celebrated this year on October 19. One of the most popular festivals of Hinduism, it signifies the victory of light over darkness, good over evil. People clean, renovate, and decorate their homes and offices. At night, people dress up in new clothes or best outfit and light oil lamps called diyas inside and outside their home, take part in family prayers after which fireworks are let off. This is the period where family, friends, colleagues exchange gifts such as sweets called mithai In India.

Aaina beneficiaries with disabilities are making chocolates to sell during this Diwali season under the Anmol brand. While millions of lights shine on housetops, outside doors and windows, around temples and other buildings on October 19 glitter they are hoping that people are tasting their chocolates!

8 months ago

Gift An Apple Campaign

Inauguration of Gift An Apple Campaign at Sailasree vihat Udyanfrsh Outlet on 04th October 2017.

Donate apples for children and get a joy in giving.

8 months ago

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