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Blind People's Association

We are working for all types of types of disabilites and also providing vocational traning as well as employment and self employment of people with disabilities 

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We need someone to help us in the mobilisation of resources by auditing our communication material 

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2-5 hours over 4-6 weeks


Blind People's Association

Ahmedabab India;

Description of the project

The Blind People’s Association-India (BPA) is the largest development organization for persons with disabilities in the country. It is known for developing a variety of need based programmes for the comprehensive development of the visually impaired persons as well as persons of all categories of disability, namely hearing impairment, orthopaedic impairment as well as mental retardation. Its activities range from prevention of blindness and disability, education, professional and vocational training, and resource mobilisation, production of mobility, educational and rehabilitation and assistive devices. Community based rehabilitation and research and development. It also mobilises resources, develops appropriate manpower, provides advisory services and influences state policies. 

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