Children in the cloud


Children in the cloud

The Foundation Children in the cloud is to build a school and ensure its operation in the Simien Massif mountains in Ethiopia. It is an NGO under Swiss law with branches in Ethiopia and France.
Ethiopia, Switzerland

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    Nous avons besoin d'un CRM afin de mieux capturer et suivre nos donateurs et créer des liste d'adresses et étiquettes pour le courrier postal et e-mail.

  • Création d'une application pour lever des fonds sur une idée de jeux

    Marketing & Communication - 40 heures

    Un développeur pour application

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Children in the cloud

Ch des Vognerons 62, 1807 Blonay, Suisse

Description of the project

Vision : The foundation promotes the education of children in the best possible environment for them to grow to a sustainable future. Missions : Support the creation and development of educational infrastructure. Projects developing local partnership. Creation of educational projects and personal development. Development of an effective support committee: charitable support or sponsorship, Sympathizers with their image, moral, material or technical social partners to fair trade. Creating a network facilitating projects more cost project delivery while respecting our values Values : Working under the auspices of the Declaration of Rights of the Child UNICEF. Improving education to give a chance to children in a precarious situation. Improving education to sustainable development. Project selection on an ethical basis, feasibility, sustainability and efficiency by surrounding himself with the best specialists

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