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foodKIND is a non-profit, humanitarian organization registered as an association in the canton of Zurich, Switzerland. Our mission focuses on the provision of food and compassion to refugees and vulnerable groups in crisis situations. As the refugee crisis worsens, the systems in Europe are reaching breaking point with thousands of people left stranded without any kind of support. Our aim at foodKIND is to fill some of those gaps and provide as many meals as possible in areas where there are large concentrations of refugees and where there is a significant absence of consistent and sufficient food supply. We believe that by providing food on a personal and humane level, we are not only filling empty stomachs but we are also bringing hope and dignity to situations where there may be none.

Fundraising Strategy

As we move into our 3rd year, we are finding that our income from fundraising is rapidly decreasing and we are experiencing severe donor fatigue. As it stands, we do not have any fundraising experts on our team. We would like to develop and implement and fundraising strategy but we need some expert advice to set a clear fundraising strategy with fundraising objectives for the next 6 months


10 hours over 8 to 10 weeks

Annual Report Writing

We need to prepare an annual report for 2017 and we have never done this before. We require to allow us to apply for certain grants so it is essential that it is done to a high standard

Fundraising, Marketing & Communication

10 to 20 hours over 10 weeks

Description of the project

foodKIND’s on the ground work operates solely in Greece with distribution projects taking place in various different cities. In each of these cities, there are hundreds of refugees and migrants living on the streets or in abandoned buildings trying to survive. With little or no formal support, these groups struggle to fulfil even the most basic of their needs from food, to clothing to baby supplies. In a country where the economy is on the brink of collapse and public tension is high, there is little sympathy or support for these people and as such are disregarded as a blight on society. Our initial assessment of these cities found many people, including children and babies, going for days without food and we identified the urgent and critical need for a consistent food distribution project.

Across our projects currently operating in Greece, we provide 700 meals a day to refugees who are existing outside of the formal system. This normally consists of a nutritious, high energy breakfast and hot evening meal. Alongside a number of other aid organizations, foodKIND is also able to distribute other essential items such as toiletries, clothes, blankets and first aid supplies. With the support of a medical charity, we are also able to offer daily medical clinics and urgent medical care to those in need. All projects are run completely by volunteers and run 365 days a year.

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