Forever Kids Kenya


Forever Kids Kenya

Forever Kids Kenya provides quality basic education, at a nominal rate, for underprivileged families of the slums of Mombassa who cannot afford basic education (nursery & primary) for their children. The fee includes education, supplementary breakfast and lunch plus educational materials. Starting from 80 kids five years ago they now have 300 kids.
Kenya, Switzerland

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  • Development of a website

    Technology - 6-8 hours

    We would love to have a good looking website to present our project. The website would need to contain some pictures, description of our activities and updates. It would be great if it is easy to use so we can update it ourselves. The sections would be: Home, About, The Team, Our projects, Contact. (Maybe help us to use a service such as

  • SEO Audit

    Marketing & Communication - 2 hours

    We would really need a professional to do a review of our current Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). We would like to understand how we can increase our referencing and get more audience for our cause.

  • Data analysis (Statistics)

    Operations & Business Development - 15 hours over 5 weeks

    A professional data analysis of our expenses and income since September 2014 up to date.

  • Digitalising a manual (handwritten) accounting system

    Operations & Business Development - 5 hours

    A digital accounting system, which allows us to add daily data easily and maybe same time can show us statistics (maybe through a formula or through a specific software) of our expenses (for example when searched for a specific category of expense)

  • German subtitles for our Youtube video

    Marketing & Communication - 3 hours

    Add German subtitles on our Youtube video to showcase our work during our next charity events. 

  • Brainstorming : Website architecture

    Operations & Business Development - 2 hours

    Create the architecture of a professional website that is attractive and appealing. 

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Forever Kids Kenya

Niali, Mombasa

Description of the project

Forever Kids Kenya is a registered Swiss non-profit organization with the aim of promoting quality basic education among underprivileged kids in the slums of Kenya. Every child has the right to basic school education. Many kids are deprived of this human right due to a life in impoverished conditions and a lack of adequate infrastructure in their neighbourhood. We are determined to help providing quality basic school education to these kids. By providing our expertise, financial and material support to a local slum school we help to increase the chances of kids from poor families to obtain a solid education and develop skills and knowledge, which allow them to take their future into their own hands.

Our organization was founded in spring 2013 by a group of friends and family members determined to support the president Nadja Kaufmann and her husband Mark Kelian Tipatet in establishing a much needed school in the Shauri Yako slum of Mombasa. Today (January 2017) the organization counts ten members in Switzerland and Kenya, which are working on a voluntary and part-time basis.

Our Switzerland-based members are mainly involved in fundraising activities, finance, marketing, communication and the recruitment of volunteers. Our president and the Kenyan school director – both initiators of the school – are locally managing and supervising the school project and are reporting to the plenum. Thanks to their tireless effort and the generous support of our donors, the “Milele Education Centre” is now attended by 300 kids, which are divided into three kindergarten classes and primary school grades from 1-8.

The plenum of our organization meets regularly to discuss and decide on further developments, project requests and fundraising activities. All administrative costs in Switzerland are completely shouldered by members themselves in order to guarantee that 100% of donations are reaching the kids in Kenya.



The positive influence of a volunteer

The last weeks in the Milele Education Centre were wonderful thanks to the volunteer Andrea! Andrea's presence has taken a very positive influence on the children, whether it was the math-hours, the newly learned songs and games, or even the arts lesson. She taught the children valuable things that they won't forget!

3 months ago

Impressive result in the Kenyan annual Music Festival

For the second time our partner school Milele Education Centre has participated in the Kenyan annual Music Festival, where they have succeeded like never before. The system of the Music Festival contains 4 levels, you start at the lowest: sub-county level, county level, regional level, national level. Everytime you win, you proceed to the next bigger level. Last year we reached only county level, but this time we were able to reach even regional level, which was celebrated as a very big success! We performed in different categories: traditional dances, traditional folk songs & poems in foreign languages (french).

4 months ago

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