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From Kibera With Love

From Kibera With Love fights to give a better and dignified life to the kids and adolescents of Kibera slum. We believe that through education, empowerment of women and girls, health support and nutrition programs these children can have a chance to get out of the slum. Our main goal is to give them a better future.
Build a second school building

The construction of the Development Center will: Provide a place to play when it is raining. Offer the kids a variety of new sport classes and activities such as tennis, ballet and gymnastics. Offer a better place for the smaller kids to nap instead of the ground in the office. Offer fitness classes to kids’ mothers who want to lose some weight and bring some change to their routine.

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From Kibera With Love

Olympic, Kibera, Nairobi

Description of the project

From Kibera With Love is an NGO in the Kibera, the largest slum of Central and Eastern Africa, a place where the self-development of the kids is too often not a priority for their parents, as many of them bring up more than 4 children in an environment that is unsafe, lacks basic sanitation and education.

There are more than 250’000 inhabitants in the slum of Kibera. A slum is a place where poverty meets misery and where dignity has been replaced by survival. 10 to 12 people live, eat and sleep in the same room. Natural gifts like sunshine and air are not an option in their home. The streets are narrow and the sewage water stagnates on the ground, emitting a terrible smell. Add in the mountains of rubbish you find everywhere and you find yourself with the worst sanitary conditions a child will grow up in. Safety of the children is another major concern, as many walk alone every day for more than one hour through this gigantic maze to reach their schools, and come home after dark, with no light on their way. Abuse and rape cases are frequent, and in those cases the necessary support is rarely provided.

The kids from Kibera grow up in a dramatic and dangerous context, which will have a negative impact on them that will follow them throughout their lives. If nothing is done, the following generation won’t be offered much more, and the vicious circle will be perpetrated.

From Kibera With Love was created to break this pattern, and offer a chance to those kids to have a different perspective of life. In this school, 77 kids come every day for a tuition class and different activities after their “regular” school classes are over, of which the fees are covered by the NGO.



Visit of a ballet teacher

We received the visit of the ballet teacher from Dance Center Kenya. She gave diplomas to the students, allowing them to enter grade 2! As you can see, dancing is a way to empower these girls in order to give them a better and dignified life! Inspiring!

11 months ago

Marketing & Sponsoring

We start finally working in our paper work, explaining all the programs we do, doing our volunteer booklet info and everything we need also for our website. It&rsquos very important for us , so we can show our sponsors that we are a serious organization.

11 months ago

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