Fundación Manos Pintadas de Azul

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Fundación Manos Pintadas de Azul

Contribute in the reduction of the national mortality rate and help improve the quality of life of vulnerable populations in Colombia.

Annual Report Design

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Marketing & Communication

12 hours over 4 weeks

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Marketing & Communication, Operations & Business Development

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Fundación Manos Pintadas de Azul

Carrera 14 No. 93B-15 Bogotá-Colombia

Description of the project

1. Ensure social development of the intervened communities.

2. Encourage in Colombians and foreigners the spirit of solidarity and volunteerism to participate in the development and social inclusion of the country.

3. Conduct observational research with populations and public health policies.

4. Focus on policies and projects at the nation and / or district level.

5. Bring medical attention and delivery of medicines to vulnerable population, who due to their social, economic and geographical conditions do not enjoy adequate access to health services.

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