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Fundación Robles de Cantillana

Robles de Cantillana, an NGO preserving and protecting the San Juan de Piche Natural Sanctuary. It is situated near Santiago and is considered the most important place for the conservation of biodiversity in Chile.
Fire Operation Plan

This project aims to protect the private conservation area. The Natural Sanctuary San Juan de Piche during the 2018 fire season. The idea is to finance a set of actions in order to face properly the summer season threats reducing potential fire risks. During the last season major fires affected the area nearby the Natural Sanctuary burning thousand of acres and making visible the main deficiencies in order to react properly in case of this type of emergencies.


Fundación Robles de Cantillana

Alhue, Región Metropolitana, Chile

Description of the project

The Foundation Robles de Cantillana was born from the need to give a professional management in conservation to one of the most valuable native forests in central Chile: the sanctuary of San Juan de Piche, only 160 km south-west from downtown Santiago. 15 years ago the family of Monica Correa bought this land in order to protect it and conserve the beauty of the nature and animals found there. The family’s mission to preserve this place has not been easy and multiple threats arose along the way: from mining claims wanting to exploit the land, to wildfires, to illegal livestock and last but not least to climate change. Understanding how complex it is to face all these threats together, the Foundation takes the strategic role of continuing and improving conservation work done in the world to date and furthermore seeks to be a leader in sustainable conservation in Chile and in the world.
Their vision is to become a landmark in conservation in Chile and the world, promoting a more informed society about the need to protect our nature and preserve beautiful biodiversity pools like San Juan. Their mission is to conserve and sustainably manage this sanctuary, promoting scientific research, environmental education and respect for nature. All this made possible through the democratization of the park and the construction of educational and scientific spaces inside the sanctuary.
Why? The park is home to 8 endangered trees, 7 endangered flowers, over 15 endangered animal species such as lizards, snakes and marsupials as well as more than 30 endangered bird species. Furthermore, they have over 75 endemic bees in the reserve and an introduced species that produces honey in the small and local production they set up. They also built a plant nursery, where they cultivate all the endemic species in order to be able to replant them into their natural habitat in the forest and keep them alive for many many years to come. They also have 3 species that only exist in this park and that are unique in the world.



The worst forest fire in Chile's history

One year after the most devastating forest fire in Chile's history. The fundacion Robles de Cantillana is raising funds to avoid a new disaster. The plan includes to hire two forest rangers between January 2018 and April 2018 to work within the natural area. They will be in charge of taking care the area during the season, monitoring potential risks, interacting with the local community and writing down a fire action protocol to react in case of fire emergencies.

7 months ago

The presidence of Natural Sanctuaries

We have been offer the presidence of the Network of Natural Sanctuaries of the Metropolitan Region of Chile, opening a chance to improve the management of this, as pushing forward the strategic political needs of our conservation movement in Chile. We also have replace a the pledge to get the highest protection level against the minnig projects in the region.

1 year ago

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