FunProbo mission is to help low income Bolivian amputees regain their dignity, self-respect and reintegrate back into society, regain employment and contribute to their family and society again by providing them with a high quality prosthesis made in our own workshop by Bolivian technicians.

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  • Grant Writing (Grant Proposals)

    Fundraising - 4-5 hours

    We need help to review all prior grant research already done an search for possible new grant opportunities. We would also need help to follow up on all grant applications submitted and respond to all grant related questions.

  • Create a Slogan

    Marketing & Communication - 3 hours

    Create a short slogan for the organization Bolivians Without disAbilities, such as: "Walking to a new life". Create a short paragraph which explains why people should care about disabled Bolivians. Bolivia is very far away from most donor countries, and not often in the news, and so many donors need to be convinced why they should care, and donate.

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Teranga Sotftware
CHF 8000 .- donated



Calle Rosendo Gutierrez, No. 1037, 1037, La Paz, Bolivie

Description of the project

In Bolivia, a large number of people lack the necessary income for good healthcare. For them losing a limb means losing mobility and independence. Without mobility, many lose their jobs, families and futures. But we at FUNPROBO are changing that.

FUNPROBO is a non-profit organisation providing low income Bolivian amputees with prosthetic limbs. We are the only Bolivian prosthesis centre that focusses on low income patients, despite the enormous need. Utilising international expertise, our Bolivian technicians create high quality, low cost prostheses for those in need. We use Bolivian materials and operate out of our self-sustaining center in the heart of the capital, La Paz.



Completed seven prosthetic legs in one month

That ties our 6 year record. It was achieved by having a second prosthetist in training working every day along side our lead prosthetist. This is the prosthetist student that SAD is helping us to send to school. No matter what obstacles you face, no matter how big they seem, there is always a solution if you think hard enough and are creative.

4 months ago

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