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i-MED vision

i-MEDvision is a non-profit organization, supporting people in South Africa’s townships by means of medical consulting and education to improve the health of local children.
South Africa, Germany
Development of a diagnosis application

All the donations to this project will go towards the development of the diagnosis application that will allow parents, teachers and nurses to quickly diagnose diseases. Thanks to this technology, the people of the townships will be able to evaluate if the state of their kids during a disease is severe or not, if they should get him to a hospital or not. The direct outcome will be to reduce the risk of children dying from treatable diseases. Once the pilot project has been tested in this township, the diagnosis application can be used in many more developing regions.

Create an animated video depicting what i-MED Vision does

A 1-3 minute animation video, Access to all the files in High-Res. A co-created script which would demonstrate what i-MED Vision does. The appropriate knowledge or write up of your work so we would be able to implement changes later. By creating an animated video to demonstrate to the world what i-MED Vision does, we are raising awareness of the countless children in South Africa going without proper medical assistance.

Marketing & Communication

4-6 hours

Grow the social media outreach of i-MED Vision

Updates on the work i-MED is doing every week, or 3 days. Recirculation of awards, achievements and projects through all social media channels. Visual content on our websites to attract the reader. Images provided by the i-MED library to be cropped and shaped to show it in the best format. Engaging with the audience who may comment with appropriate messages. By acting as a part time social media manager you will take on the role of spreading and raising awareness for the work we are performing.

Marketing & Communication

Variable, to be defined with NGO

Create the architecture for 5 different online blog post

With the design of 5 templates for blog posts i-MED will be able to input new images and text for our blog, documenting how we are changing the well being of townships in South Africa. With a variety of blog architectures to chose from it means that we save money on a developer, who will spend a day building a few different concepts. The time involved in looking for a developer, and then explaining what our end goal is takes an opportunity cost on our small organisation. The basic templates should have the ability to input numerous photos, videos and other engaging visual content. (Please see example here: https://www.imed.ngo/blog/10-fas)

Marketing & Communication

3-4 hours

Brainstorming : PR strategy

Written plan of how you would proceed with the task at hand. A list of the publications or avenues which would be looking to explored. Advice on how best to appeal to a wider audience. Clear statements demonstrating the need for donations. Cultivating an image that we are a forward thinking company that is looking to make a huge impact, with a scalable model for expansion into other regions of South Africa shows why we should be considered for support and donations.

Marketing & Communication

2 hours

Search Engine Optimisation of the website

Establish which words are going to bring the most interest to our website. Climb up the Google search bar rankings. Review our website and blogs and input a new style format. Links through to appropriate content, and advice on how to proceed. A ‘How to’ guide written on how to move forward with SEO after the initial phase of the operation is completed With your help, we could optimise the websites and discover the keywords which are going to bring users in and start working on adding them throughout the pages.

Marketing & Communication

4 hours

Review of data security and infrastructure concept

We need someone to review and develop our data and network security concept which we drafted for our apps and service structure. I.e. feedback and suggestions on technologies, scalability, feasibility of ideas and audit regarding risks etc.


6-7 hours


An experienced gardner that can come to our project and help us create a vegetable garden, while educating the people about the benefits of healthy food.

Health Service

4-50 weeks


Principalement des traitements de racine, des petites reconstitutions, des composites et des extractions.


Chaque bénévole choisit sa fréquence d'investissement

They joined the movement



i-MED vision

Gansbaai, South Africa


Description of the project

Every year, 6.2 million children die from preventable diseases before the age of five. Millions of children could be saved through proper education about the 10 most important diseases. i-med vision gives parents, educators and nurses access to knowledge, that is essential for children’s health - anywhere, at any time. By doing so, it is of great importance for i-med vision to consider the local population’s traditional understanding of diseases and to build a bridge between traditional and modern, scientific medicine.
The founders of i-med vision are Dr. Bärbel Reckhardt, a pediatrician, organisational consultant and mediator and Prof. Dr. Markus Reckhardt a neurologist and psychiatrist, head of the Center for Neurology and Pain Management, Klinikum Niederlausitz. Additionally, he is professor at the Institute of Medical Informatics at the Brandenburgische Technische University in Cottbus. Both have been committed to sustainable development aid in Southern Africa for more than 20 years. Together with their team, they pursue the vision to improve medical care and development.
Following an initial pilot phase in the year 2015, where the training concept was tested with two organisations, the first pilot rollout of the complete platform is scheduled for September 2016. This will take place in cooperation with the Grootbos Foundation (SA) in a self-contained township. The aim of the pilot is to adapt and fine-tune the program in real-life conditions. In addition it can then be further developed, leading to a possible expansion into any developing country. At the same time a scientific accompanying study is planned, measuring the platform’s impact on the education and progress of the local population’s medical knowledge.



Every donation counts

I-med vision supports people in South Africa by means of medical consulting and education to improve the health of local children. That’s why every donation counts, because each donation helps the NGO to build more vegetable and medical gardens for the whole community in Masakhane. Check out their project!

11 months ago

Reconnaissance mission

Last month our CEO went out to South Africa on a reconnaissance mission. She went to check if the area in Gansbaai where we are looking to launch our upcoming project #HealthRevolution is viable for the ideas we have. She met with the local leaders of the area and confirmed their support, and went on a site visit of the township Masakhane to see the possibilities it held for scalability.

1 year ago

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