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Identidad Vecinal

Discover Identidad Vecinal, a local community created nine years ago and aiming at increasing the general living conditions of the people living in their neighborhood, situated in the suburbs of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Building a clinic for the community
Mission completed

Your donations to this project will allow them to build a hospital with basic medical equipment to treat the people of the community. This will give over 100 families access to the medical care they need.

Construction & Logistics Assistant

If you are working/studying in the field of construction, water supply, electricity or architecture then help this community with building their homes

Construction & Building

6-50 weeks

Textile Assistant

You are working or studying in the field of textile production and want to volunteer in order to help or advise them in their activities.

Community Development

6-50 weeks

Education Guide

You are working or studying in the field of education and want to volunteer in order to help or advise them in their activities.

Teaching & Education

6-50 weeks

They joined the movement

Teranga Sotftware
CHF 6000 .- donated


Identidad Vecinal

6600, E. de la Fuente 6448, González Catán, Buenos Aires, Argentine

Description of the project

Of the 40 million people living in Argentina, about 50% live in the province of Buenos Aires alone and thus generate a very dense concentration. During the 20th century, millions of people migrated from rural areas around the country to work in the industrialising capital. In 1994, the outskirts of Buenos Aires counted 340 major industries that each employed at least 500 employees. 20 years later, most of these industries have closed and moved to Asia and now leave the region with only 2 industries remaining and over 2 million work places less.

The ever growing population of Buenos Aires and this disappearance of work places has thus created huge suburbs that are no longer able to respond to the needs of the people living there and Buenos Aires today has over 40% of it’s population living in poverty. One of these regions is La Matanza, counting about 2.5 million inhabitants and located 50 kilometers from the center.

In this region, a local NGO called Identidad Vecinal was created 9 years ago. More than just an organisation, it is a big family and a local community that strives to increase living conditions for all the people living there. They count over 70 members and work in various fields of work. As the government does not officially help most of these regions around Buenos Aires, they have to manage all of the daily challenges themselves.



Clinic construction

The construction of the clinic is going well. We can't wait to finish the second floor! More info will be provided in the following month.

10 months ago

The neighborhood on Google Map

After 7 months of collective work with TECHO and the Civil Association for equality and justice, you can finally find Identidad Vecinal’s neighborhood on Google’s map! For the representative of the NGO, Eduardo Lalo Creus, this project will serve Identidad Vecinal to gain access to certain services such as the laying of light around the neighborhood. What an amazing step forward!

10 months ago

New learning spaces for 250 children

Our most notable achievement, with an immediate effect on the children of the community, was to initiate the ENVION Project, which consists of two stages: the first call Nií ± ez, which assists children from 5 to 11 years Of age, and the second: to young people aged 12 to 21 years. Where each day during the week the children and young people have different training and recreation workshops during the morning and afternoon. This allows the creation of content and learning spaces for 250 children in the community.

1 year ago

Health project

Another event was to design and present the offices of the Ministry of Health of the Province of Buenos Aires a Health project, with a proposal to train neighborhood health promoters, train them, survey data from the other neighborhoods that make up the Radius of action of our organization, and also request funding to pay a pediatrician who works in our health room.

1 year ago

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