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Learning Lions

Learning Lions is an IT academy that strives to provide young adults from Turkana, Kenya with the opportunity to make a decent and sustainable living. Thanks to them, outsourcing to Africa becomes a serious option.
Build a girls dormitory for the ICT Campus

The pilot project of Learning Lions was completed in Lodwar. Learning Lions now wants to take their concept to a much larger scale by building an ICT campus (Information Communication Technology Campus). The campus will have enough space to accommodate 500 people max. This dormitory will accommodate 50 girls coming from various areas from Kenya.

IT & Media Skills Mentor

Help to fight unemployment in rural areas of Kenya by teaching and mentoring highly motivated students in programming, webdesign, graphic design, animation, music or film


4-26 weeks

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Learning Lions

Startup Lions Asset Kenya Limited P.O. Box 344


Description of the project

Welcome to Lodwar, in the Turkana county, the largest county in Kenya. Roughly 1 million inhabitants live in Turkana, which is one of the most deprived county in terms of essential services, such as education, water and electricity.

Here, there are no industries, no markets, no opportunities. The usual source of income such as agriculture and manufacturing are really limited. Without rain, you cannot sustainably produce food, and without proper roads, the selling of good becomes really limited. For the families who can afford secondary school, all the knowledge and self-development acquired by their kids will not be put to any use. Out of 10 adults who have finished school, only 3 get a job. Because of this, 95% of the population lives below the poverty line, and cannot afford basic needs such as sanitation, education and medication. The only resource you find in abundance in this place are humans… and Internet!

The concept of Learning Lions is simple: if there is no market they can access, let’s bring the market here instead. And what market requires as little infrastructure as IT?

Learning Up Lions is the world’s first fair trade organisation for outsourcing IT and Media services to Africa. They start by finding talents in remote areas and recruit the members of the program based on their ability to learn and curiosity.

The young Lions then start the basic training. The goal is to open the doors of the IT world for them, and give them the necessary vocabulary to play a role in it. Here are the IT skills that are taught during Basic Training:
- Software development
- Web development
- 3D design
- Graphic design
- Music and Sound production
- Panel of open source softwares
- Various coding languages (HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, etc.)

Once the Basic Training is over, it is time for the Advanced Training to start, for which the best students of the Basic Training will be selected. During 5 months they will dive in depth in one of those 3 fields: 3D visualisation, Web Development and Graphic Design. The goal is to teach them to deliver a final product, and prepare them to work for clients as freelancers or even be employed by companies.

Learning Lions’ approach gives students the opportunity to have a decent and stable revenue, enabling them to care for their family and bring their community on the path of modernisation while staying where they come from. In the future, Learning Lions hopes to offer this program to more remote communities, let’s help them achieve that!



A new volunteer for Learning Lion

WELCOME, DAVID | A new volunteer landed this morning in Lodwar. We are happy to have David joining us for the next 3 months. He is a passionate software developer. All Lions welcome him in Turkana & are very happy to have such an experienced mentor joining the program. HABARI!

8 months ago

New shed

Can you spot the new shed Learning Lions built at the very back of this picture, next to their hub? This is a great initiative and it allows the Lions to eat, work and spend some time all together outside! It is always nice to enjoy the good weather of Kenya!

10 months ago

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