Through agriculture (food security), environmental, Gender, health and capacity development projects, Norlha focuses on helping populations of the Himalayas to develop sustainable and long-term solutions to improve their living conditions.
Nepal, Switzerland
Environment, Health

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  • Audit of our Employee Handbook

    People & Recruitment - 3 hours

    Audit of existing Employee Handbook and an edit of it. This would allow us to accelerate and improve the onboarding process of new volunteers or employees.

  • Leadership Coach

    People & Recruitment - 3-4 hours

    Coaching to members of the Senior Management Team, so they can become better leaders for their team and for our organisation.

  • Google Apps set up

    Technology - 5 hours

    Systems setup and implementation of Google Apps. Training and technical support for the staff

  • Tech system review

    Technology - 4-5 hours

    An assessment of current IT infrastructure including costs, speed, reliability and security, Advice on various IT services and the cost-benefit associated with each option

  • Grant writing template

    Marketing & Communication - 3-4 hours

    Grant Template outlining the Organization’s mission, strategic plan, activities and budget. Tips and suggestions on customizing Grant Template for specific grants.

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Description of the project

Norlha is a non-political, secular and non-profit NGO based in Switzerland and providing development assistance through various projects in Nepal and Bhutan, in cooperation with local and international partners.



Helping people in the Himalayas 

"I would not have trained as a mason before I had gender equality training with Norlha's Mahila project." Sunimaya Gurung trained by Norlha and earning equal pay with men under Norlha's post earthquake "Building Better Lives" project in Rasuwa and Dhading, Nepal. Encouraging!

2 months ago

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