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Nouvelle Planète

Nouvelle Planète is a non-profit organization founded on Albert Schweitzer’s examples, ideas and ethics; it is strictly neutral in religion and politics, and works to support small practical projects in countries in the southern hemisphere, setting up direct relations between people in the North and the South, so as to help people help themselves.
Madagascar, Switzerland
Education, Health

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  • Coaching sur l’utilisation de Youtube comme outil de communication

    Marketing & Communication - 2 hours

    Nous cherchons une personne qui soit prêt à venir nous expliquer comment mieux utiliser youtube dans notre communication. Nous aimerions bien comprendre comment intégrer cet outil dans notre communication actuelle afin d'augmenter notre communauté.

  • Translation from French to German

    Marketing & Communication - Variable, to be defined with NGO

    We are looking for someone fluent in both German and French.

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Nouvelle Planète

Onja Andrianjaranirina, Lot 291 Ba, Andrefambohitra Ampitatafika, 102 Antananarivo

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