Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education & Empowerment (NIGEE)


Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education & Empowerment (NIGEE)

To leverage community resources to equip girls with knowledge and skills for productive and fulfilled adult life. The Initiative identifies and taps into community resources to support girls‘ education and training as a foundation for self-reliance and self-determination in and beyond basic needs

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Nyanza Initiative for Girls Education & Empowerment (NIGEE)

Kisumu, Kenya


Description of the project

The right to education is a bridge to other rights, and education gives young women choices and the power to decide over their own lives and bodies. Indeed, the cascading benefits of female education to girls, their families and community underscores the imperative of supporting girls’ education and secondary education is particularly critical for breaking the cycle of poverty and addressing a host of other indicators of poor health. Yet unfortunately, the majority of children out of school are girls who still face formidable intersecting barriers to education. Nyanza, our initial focus, is leading the nation for all the wrong reasons, posting some of the worst statistics nationally:

  • Teen pregnancy and motherhood: At 27%, Nyanza is leading nationally in the proportion of teens aged 15-19 years who have begun childbearing.
  • HIV prevalence: At 15.1%, Nyanza has the highest HIV prevalence nationally, with the 4 counties where NIGEE is currently working having a prevalence ranging from 13% to 27% in the general population.
  • Median age at first sex: Girls in Nyanza begin sex earliest nationally, at 16.5 years.
  • Sex before age 15: 18.3% of girls in Nyanza initiates sex before age 15 years – the highest nationally.
  • Median age at first birth: Girls in Nyanza mostly give birth at 19.8 years, the youngest age nationally.
  • Median age at first marriage: The majority of girls in Nyanza get married at age 18.9 years, the 2nd lowest nationally.
  • Total Fertility Rate: Nyanza women give birth to an average of 5.4 children in their lifetime, the 2nd highest nationally.
  • Under-5 mortality rate: Out of 1,000 children who are born in Nyanza, 149 die before reaching age 5 years – the highest nationally.
  • Infant mortality rate: Out of 1,000 children born in Nyanza, 95 die before reaching one year – the highest nationally.
  • Coverage of basic immunization: Only 64.6% of children under 2 years receive basic vaccinations in Nyanza, the 2nd lowest nationally.



Inspiration for the girls

Inspiration speeches are currently given in Nyanza Initiative for Girls education and empowerment (NIGEE)! In fact, at the Dream Innovation Challenge, that took place at NIGEE’s girls employment bureau, speakers shared their story in order to inspire the girls at the highest level!

2 months ago

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