Performing Life Bolivia


Performing Life Bolivia

Help impoverished youth living on the streets of Cochabamba, Bolivia. Their programs empower these young people by teaching them performance and visual arts as productive skills for avoiding drugs and delinquency while ensuring participants remain in school.

Volunteer Online

  • Create brochure and posters

    Marketing & Communication - 3 hours

    Print ready brochure and posters in a high resolution format. We are organizing an event to get funds for the Foundation. We need a design for the brochure and poster to promote this event.

  • Create a video with given material #1

    Marketing & Communication - 3-4 hours

    High resolution video to show, 2-3 minutes length. Medium resolution video to upload to Youtube, same as previous one.

  • Create a crowdfunding campaign

    Fundraising - 3-4 hours

    Help us create a good Crowdfunding campaign. 10'000 CHF to buy food for the kid in the different programs. 5'000 CHF to pay the cooks.

  • Create a video with given material #2

    Marketing & Communication - 3-4 hours

    High resolution video to show, 2-3 minutes length. Medium resolution video to upload to Youtube, same as previous one.

Volunteer In The Field

  • Financial Literacy Teacher & Microloan Supporter

    Teaching & Education 6-12 weeks field

    A volunteer who can come and help locals with personal finances and budget management as well as develop the micoloan program

  • Circus Arts Instructor

    Teaching & Education 4-50 weeks field

    Teach children circus skills and to contribute to their positive personal development.

  • Music Teaching Assistant

    Teaching & Education 12-50 weeks field

    Teach the youth music skills and help improve their personal development.

  • Education Enrichment Assistant

    Teaching & Education 12-50 weeks field

    This program is developed and run by volunteers. Documentation of activities and transfer of knowledge to the next group is critical for maintaining momentum.

  • IT and Communications Supporter

    Technology 12-50 weeks field

    You will be helping with Fundraising, Grant Writing, Promotion, Social Media Management, Audio-Visual promotion Projects, Website Development etc.

They joined the movement



Performing Life Bolivia

Performing Life, #58 Chipaya, Entre Tapiete y Moyo Moyo al frente del ”Condominio Mediterraneo II”, Cochabamba, Bolivia

Description of the project

PLI’s goals are to reduce poverty and inequality by creating a safe, secure, respectful environment within which children and families can realize their creativity and innovation for self-directed improvement, acquire life-long skills for a secure present and vibrant future, and break the cycle of poverty for this and future generations.
Since 2006, Performing Life International (PLI) has been using social circus and music to reach at-risk youth, reunite families, and build community.  As a result of this work, PLI and its partner NGO, Fundación EnseñARTE Bolivia (FE), have been recognized by Cirque du Monde as one of two social circus organizations in Bolivia.  In 2016-17, PLI and FE are implementing social circus outreach to urban and rural areas, helping youth and adults develop self-determined solutions for the challenges they face in a rapidly-changing world.

To take social circus to areas with minimal infrastructure, we need to be self-contained. A mid-sized truck adapted with fold-out stage, sound, and lighting will transport a small social circus troupe and be the platform for public engagement. As it pulls into a rural village, city school, or barrio, it will immediately attract attention!

The Mobile Circus truck is designed for community-based residencies that engage youth and families with examining their challenges, identifying local resources, thinking strategically, and investigating practical solutions to improve lives and livelihoods.  Social circus has a range of effective tools to engage all sectors of the community in positive, creative processes.  

Acts and narrative outlines are created with youth, and other community members. Performances on the mobile stage are brought to life using costumes, props, sound, and lights. As the truck brings the performance to surrounding communities, people discover their common challenges and innovative solutions. As a stage and focal point, the mobile circus truck becomes its own character, a magical space for expression and discovery.  

In the first year, the Mobile Circus Truck will take residencies to 30 schools and outlying areas, engage over 500 youth, and reach at least 8,000 people.

When not in use by Performing Life, the truck with operator can be rented to other music and performance groups. Compared to the amount that we currently spend on renting vehicles and trucks for circus performances, the truck will save enough money to cover its maintenance and fuel costs. Rental fees and contracts are projected to earn enough to cover at least 50 percent of personnel costs. The purchase and renovation of the truck will be an investment in community-based social circus. "



Interesting event

Few days ago, they took part in the forum of municipal cultural policies. This event was organized by the house of culture in Cochabamba. The NGO was sat at table number 4 : training the artists! They met intersting people related to their field of expertise. What a great initiative!

4 months ago

New instructor in Buena Vista center

Rapidly contracting Santiago Montecatine from Spain as a new instructor in Buena Vista after Laura Villa left at very short notice due to family problems.

4 months ago

Moving the aerial structure

We brought one of our aerial structures to the centre in Buena Vista. The structure had previously been in the office in central Cochabamba, anchored to the ground. John’s friend who is a welder changed the joints so it would be more stable, and it is currently free-standing. This is a huge success for us because Buena Vista has traditionally been a centre where a lot of the children trained in aerial silks. They really enjoyed it, it was great for their physical fitness and self-confidence, and added real flair to the shows. The participants have been very sad that they have not been able to perform on silks in recent shows. Now, we are back to training silks regularly.

5 months ago

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