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United Action For Children

UAC mission is to develop a caring and sustaining environment for children and young people through innovative programmes so that children living in marginalized communities have access to quality education and skills.
Website Development

Strong, attractive and visible website. Maybe a tool such as Wix is adapted to our needs.


5-6 hours over 6 weeks

Search engine optimization (for website)

Improved / greater visibility of UAC website on the web.

Marketing & Communication

4 hours

SWOT Analysis

A SWOT analysis would help us create a new way forward for the organisation and ensure it sustainability. We need an organised and performant organisation to increase our impact. 

Operations & Business Development

2-3 hours


To help develop an E-Newsletter for the organization, it will help increase the visibility and make our organization more known to viewers.

Marketing & Communication

3 hours


United Action For Children



Description of the project

UAC is a non-profit, philanthropic, and non-political organization. It commits itself to the development of a caring and sustaining society for children and young people. The organisation was created in 1996 in response to concerns about children’s education and development in the South West Region and Cameroon in general.With the help of local staff and international volunteers, UAC has grown substantially over the past few years. UAC currently runs many successful programs that have great impact on Buea and Mamfe’s children and the surrounding communities.UAC’s primary goal is to develop an enabling environment for the effective growth and development of children and young people through innovative programs.

The organization’s growth and activities are shaped by the following objectives:

  • To offer a secured and stable environment for children and youths.
  • To enable/motivate parents and teachers take an active role in child development.
  • To help rectify problems existing in the local educational system.
  • To address the issue of school dropout and failure.
  • Contribute to the eradication of poverty through quality and functional education.
  • To introduce an alternative approach to education in Cameroon.
  • To offer quality and affordable nursery and primary education to orphans and vulnerable children.
  • To prevent rural exodus by building a strong community.
  • Use Sports to mobilize children and young people channel their energy towards productive initiatives.

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