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United Asia Charity

We help the people of Cambodia step-by-step in building an autonomous and more secure future. This includes clean drinking water, water treatment, water supply for sanitation, sustainable construction and renovation, as well as the improvement of school infrastructure.
Cambodia, Switzerland
Fixing the roof of the high school

Fixing the roof of a high school in the Bakong District. Roof is leaking, students now refuse to enter class during Monsoon period due to danger of roof collapse.

Template for grant application

A best-in-class grant application form for corporates, ideally with optionalities, driving efficiency in the grant approval process, flexibility enhancement, design friendliness

Marketing & Communication

3-4 hours

Annual Report Translation German to English

A factually accurate translation into Business English of our 2016 Annual Report. Propositions for improved design also always welcome.

Marketing & Communication

4-5 hours

Corporate Design and Branding

Improved/Overhauled visual identity of the NGO - Corporate logo, Corporate color systems, Corporate typography, Corporate image, Corporate iconography. 

Marketing & Communication

8-10 hours


United Asia Charity



Description of the project

United Asia Charity was established in September 2014 as a Swiss charitable organization. In the run up to this, initiator Enzo Sportelli had experienced in project work how much can be achieved on the ground in Cambodia with only a few resources if you get engaged and deliver with passion. In January 2017 the Board has been upgraded by adding experienced members in order to strengthen the organization.

Together, we are passionate about the rural Cambodian population in order to improve their living conditions for the long term. Since 2014, we have been implementing projects in the provinces of Siem Reap and Bantey Meanchey, Cambodia. In addition to this clear geographical focus, we limit our activities to four core areas where we can have the most impact: drinking water and sanitation, sustainable construction, education and agriculture. UAC is living the notion of "help for self-help" - our projects empower the population to themselves improve their living conditions in the medium to long term.

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