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We are Share A Dream


Hey! What’s up? Welcome to the Share A Dream movement. First things first, let us introduce ourselves. We are a Swiss humanitarian platform. Our goal is to make a difference in this world because just like you, we care. We want to help people create lasting impact in the world, so join us and let’s make a change together ! Our mission is to empower the smaller yet amazing NGOs and help them make a bigger impact. How can you help?

By choosing a project that you love and helping in a way that suits you best. We have specialized our platform to make it easy for you to do your part : online volunteering, field volunteering or donations, it’s your choice ! The goal is to bring people together around great causes and make measurable change.

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How it works

Wether you’re a corporation, an NGO or an individual we’ve customized our service so you can have
the best impact possible and make a real change, in no time at all.


Browse through projects and choose the right one for you. Whether you want to contribute online, abroad or by donating.

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We’ve designed a private social network to engage your employees around workplace giving and skill-based volunteering. The impact created will be automatically reported in our tool.

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It’s all about giving you more exposure. If you are an NGO looking for ressources, contact us and we'll connect you with experts, volunteers and donators.

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Why we matter ?

Today 70% of charitable donations go to the biggest 1% of charities, leaving 99% fighting for the rest. This is why Share A Dream was born, to give a voice to the best small NGOs, and provide them with the tools to achieve great success.

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Our Achievements


In the north of Chile we’ve helped TECHO Antofagasta improve the living conditions of Chileans and immigrants living in camps.


Alongside Centro Vecinal Nicolas Avellaneda we’ve helped 60 children have a brighter future thanks to a better education.


Identidad Vecinal is building this clinic to give over 100 families access to the medical care they need.


A huge thank you to the corporations who trusted us and got involved in these great projects. We can’t wait to welcome more of you on our platform!


You guys are truly making this world a better place and there are so many more great achievements to come thanks to you.


Your support keeps us going and inspires our work every day ! Share A Dream wouldn’t be the same without your support. Thank you so much!